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Prove Wi-Fi with Ixia - Ixia

In today's wireless world, a robust Wi-Fi network is key to fast and reliable access to enterprise applications. For many, testing Wi-Fi performance in a real-world environment can help identify critical IT issues, but troubleshooting in the deployment stage isn’t easy. The exponential growth and the diversity of IoT devices and applications can make it difficult to isolate problems, and detecting glitches already in a live, deployed network is a costly and complicated endeavor. he Ixia mobility test solution enables performance testing by simulating complex network environments to test WLAN networks. By re-creating real-world scenarios - such as interference and background traffic - in a controlled lab environment, enabling IT to identify and solve problems early in the network lifecycle.


Rômulo Melo

System Engineer LATAM - Ixia

Presenter Bio:
20 years of IT experience in the Brazilian market involving Routing / Switching, Mobility, Collaboration, Security with suppliers like Cisco and others. I've been working with Ixia solutions for testing and visibility for about 3 years, creating and running test scenarios for different clients. Currently, my role is systems engineer in Ixia.

Rômulo Melo