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11ax : Addressing Today’s Problems in Yesterday’s Spectrum - Cisco

With an unprecedented increase in the number of WiFi capable devices worldwide, attention has diverted from increasing peak WiFi data rates to optimizing the spectral efficiency of WiFi systems. With this new paradigm in mind the IEEE 802.11ax standard has introduced multiple mechanisms aimed at improving the system-wide capacity of WiFi deployments. This talk will review many of the most prominent PHY and MAC features in the current state of the 11ax standard, and discuss their potentials as well as pitfalls in various scenarios.


Pooya Monajemi

Wireless Networking Engineer at Cisco - Cisco
PhD in Electrical Engineering

Presenter Bio:
Responsible for Radio Resource Management systems in enterprise 802.11 WiFi systems. Innovation, design, implementation, evaluation, troubleshooting, and simulation of Cisco's RRM algorithms and systems. Addressing optimization problems in transmit power, frequency allocation, bandwidth allocation, load balancing, and computational complexity.

Pooya Monajemi