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Session Abstract:
Designing High Performance Wi-Fi Networks - Ekahau

Why does some Wi-Fi networks rock, and others… not so much? Sit back, relax and let the Ekahau team will guide you through hands-on examples of do’s and dont’s of designing high capacity Wi-Fi networks the right way.


Jussi Kiviniemi

Senior Vice President - Ekahau

Presenter Bio:
Jussi is a technology and business executive and evangelist who gets results through questioning "the usual way"​.
He currently heads a business unit that makes wireless network design tools. He is a very familiar face in the wireless industry.
He has designed products, developed an eight-figure product line from scratch, and has successfully used freemium before the term "freemium"​ existed.
Jussi has been featured in publications ranging from IEEE papers to .

Jussi Kiviniemi