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How do your phones and tablets see your Wi-Fi networks? - Cisco

Wi-Fi has become the primary network access method, and today you work as much from your laptop as from your phone or tablet. But how does your phone see your Wi-Fi network? How does it choose between Wi-Fi and cellular connections? How should you design your Wi-Fi network to optimally support phones and tablets, and help them roam between cells without disconenctions? This session will answer these questions, and give you a view on how iPhones, Ipads and the main Android brands implement WI-FI efficiency.


Jérôme Henry

Technical Leader - Cisco
CCIE Wireless, CWNE #45

Presenter Bio:
Jérôme Henry, CWNE #45, is a Technical Leader in the Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group at Cisco, based in the USA. He is a top-tier wireless expert and has more than 15 years of experience in teaching technical Cisco courses in more than 15 different countries and 4 different languages, to audiences ranging from Bachelor degree students to networking professionals and Cisco internal system engineers. In 2009, with more than 10000 hours in the classroom, he was awarded the IT Training Award Best Instructor silver medal.
Jérôme is also an IEEE 802.11 group member, where he was elevated to the grade of Senior Member in 2013, and also participates to Wi-Fi Alliance working groups. He has developed several Cisco courses focusing on wireless topics (IUWNE, IUWMS, IUWVN, CUWSS, IAUWS, LBS, CWMN lab guide, etc.) and he has authored several Wireless books and video courses (IUWMS, CUWSS, Wi-Fi Troubleshooting, etc.).

Jérôme Henry